How To Run A Macro When Cell Value Changes In Excel VBA

Sometimes you want to be able to monitor a range of cells in your worksheet for any changes. Using this, you can run a macro when a cell changes to a specific value.

Here I will show how to run a macro when a cell value changes in Excel VBA

This post will also answer the question you may have, “How do I automatically trigger a macro in Excel?” When the cell value changes, we will trigger a macro to run.

In the following example, I am monitoring the range “A1:A4” (blue shading) for changes.

I want the user to be made aware when the value of the cell changes and what the previous value of the cell was. That way I can write code to have excel vba undo the cell change .

Here’s the code

In the “Worksheet_SelectionChange” event, I can get the previous value.
In the “Worksheet_WorksheetChange” event, I can monitor the cell changes.

Watch me do it:

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