How To Compare Cells With VBA

Here is the scenario, the boss comes in to you, and wants you to add the new cities you all did business in last month to your master list.

You are to send the new list to the marketing department, so you all can market to the new cities you did business in last month.

The “New List” has some new cities not in the “Master List”. Your job is to add only the new entries to the “Master List”.

Here’s what the list looks like:

“How do I compare two columns in Excel?”

Here’s a way how you do it with VBA.

1. We are going to set the “Master List” as a named range.

—>BTW, if you need to delete or edit your named range, you can use the “Formulas” > “Name Manager” to correct your error.

Follow the following image:

Here is the process:

1 Set cells A2:A37 into a named range
2 Set up a user defined function which will take the value of the “New List” and check if the value in the “New List” is already in the “Master List”.

How do you know if two cells match in Excel?

This will identify the new cities and now we can filter them and add them to the “Master List”.

Here’s the code:

Watch how it’s done:

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